What is  Mere Posting - CLIENT AGENCY

Simply put, a Mere Posting is a listing posted on MLS & REALTOR.ca. as part of a Limited Service AgreementHome owners who do not wish to pay Real Estate Commissions or who do not have enough equity in their homes to pay commissions may wish to use Mere Postings to sell their homes. Every seller should know that over 90% of all residential property is sold through the MLS, so Mere Posting with the MLS included is the best option for every Seller.

DECLINING REAL ESTATE MARKET FOR 2023, 2024 and possibly 2025.

Pre-construction condo investors and people renewing their mortgages have been adversely affected by the decline in real estate and rising mortgage rates. It does not matter how the situation is, almost all sellers are experiencing equity shortfalls. With a mere posting, Pre-construction Condo and Homes sellers can still get the best market value for their property and save money on real estate commissions.


When a Real Estate Agent is engaged to sell a property – he starts by gathering info on the property including info on recent sales of similar properties in the area, properties actively for sale and what has sold. These are duties that only a licensed real person can perform.

Many of the other duties such as Marketing, showing of the property, scheduling appointment times can be handled by the Seller and here is where Real Estate Commissions can be saved.

On December 1st 2023, TRESA, the New Real Estate Act was implemented. It allows Real Estate Professionals to assist Sellers with MLS Listings for an affordable flat fee or customized fee/commission.

A MERE POSTING Listing on the MLS SYSTEM® is no different from a full-service listing.
A mere listing is typically a “for sale by owner” property, except it appears on the MLS. Despite the fact that selling your home privately may be a great option, I would like to stress that it requires a lot of time, effort, and expertise.

MERE POSTING includes setting the listing price with the realtor’s recommendation, preparing the property for sale, advertising, managing showings, reviewing offers, negotiating terms, and managing paperwork after a buyer and seller reach an agreement.

Change your Mind – Change your Service Plan -Pay for what you need .
However, if the seller appreciates the Mere Posting Plan, but needs help with some of the other duties associated with Marketing and Selling, the seller can select from the list of services and pay for them. For buying and selling real estate, we offer a variety of business models. A customized package of services is offered with every service plan. At any time during the process, we are happy to modify the service plan to include other services as needed. The service plans we provide can be customized according to the needs of each property.