Simply put, a Mere Posting is just a listing a property for sale on MLS, and the Brokerages websites. A Mere Posting on the MLS SYSTEM does not appear different from a Regular Listing. However the services accompanying these Listings are different for each Listing. Mere Postings selling costs are the sum of all activities performed by the Listing Agents. The seller saves on costs of all activites the seller conducts. Leading to lower selling costs.         MORE   

The mere posting of a listing on MLS must be handled by a real estate agent who ensures the seller’s information is accurate. In a mere posting, the seller can represent himself. Sellers can determine the market value of their property and handle all offers and sale terms. Mere Posting properties buyers can represent themselves or through a Realtor.                                                                     MORE                                        

As of today, the New Real Estate Act – TRESSA has replaced REEBA – the old Act.
MLS Mere Posting allows the seller to actively participate in the selling process with the Listing Agent. Through Mere Postings, you can save on real estate commissions while participating in the selling process. The FAQ section explains everything Sellers need to know about Mere Posting Plans.         MORE


Mere Posting and For Sale by Owner - it’s the same thing. The Seller Saves On Selling Commissions.