Benefits of selling via  Mere Posting

Any property seller can sell his house with some help from a realtor to save on real estate commissions.

Basic Mere Posting Plan – on steroids

With this Basic Mere Posting Plan – There are no further Listing commissions payable to the Listing Brokeragejust one flat fee of $600.00 to upload the Property Listing to MLS,, the Brokerage’s Website Plus other affiliated websites associated with Toronto Real Estate Realty.
Under this basic plan, even though the seller has chosen to perform most if not all remaining unlicensed duties to sell by himself, to save on Real Estate Commissions, the Real Estate Agent will still:

  1. Make available to sellers the RECO INFORMATION GUIDE. It is a new guide to help buyers and sellers make informed decisions. We will proceed to the next step after thoroughly explaining this guide and outlining the Mere Posting process.
  2. The next step is to visit the Property. As part of this process, we will measure and evaluate the property, its condition, as well as review timelines and results expectations.
  3. Real Estate Agent provide market statistics and data on recent sales of similar properties. As part of his services, he will also assist in setting up the asking price for the property based on market value.
  4. Additionally, the Real Estate Agent will educate sellers on how to safely perform the remaining duties that they have chosen to take on, including dealing with Selling Real Estate Agent Commissions.
  5. To ensure that the Brokerage looks after the sellers’ resounding interests always, the Sellers always have the option to change or modify their plans at anytime during the selling process. 

Added benefits for sellers – as CLIENTS of the Brokerage:

  1. Mere Postings can be supplemented with additional real estate services. While the Seller can still sell the property himself, a Brokerage can provide additional real estate support services for a fee.
  2. Sellers can always upgrade from Basic Mere Postings Plan to full service through the Brokerages discounted full service Sellers Plans. Any seller can afford these discounted plans regardless of their financial situation.
  3. Special discounts for Buyers are available to sellers who are selling only to buy a better property.


It is important to realize that selling your own home requires considerable effort, time, and expertise. Sellers’ responsibilities include setting the listing price, prepping the property for sale, advertising, managing showings, negotiating terms, and managing the paperwork after you reach an agreement with a buyer.