Mere Postings and  TRESA

Simply put, a mere posting is a property listing posted on MLS and as part of a limited service agreement. Mere postings can also be considered to be “for sale by owner” (FSBO) properties, except they appear in an MLS for increased exposure on where the public can search properties.

A Mere Posting on any MLS SYSTEM® does not differ from a full-service listing.

Every Mere Posting posted by Toronto Real Estate Realty is placed on the Local Real Estate Board, the Toronto Real Estate Board’s MLS system, and the Brokerage’s website.

On December 1st 2023, TRESA, the newly enacted Real Estate Act, was launched. There is a description of how we provide Real Estate services for Buyers, Sellers, Lessees, and Lessors. According to TRESA, parties must be self-represented or clients of the brokerage.


In the Brokerage’s understanding, TRESA limits the services it can offer to Self-directed Parties who wish to sell their properties and to Buyers who wish to make well-informed investment decisions. Following careful consideration, the Brokerage has decided not to represent Self-directed Parties. To provide superior services to our clients in their best interest, we will conduct all our trades exclusively for them.

Our Clients

Under TRESA, every seller client of the Brokerage receives Mandatory Services as required by the Act. Some of the remaining services are those that the Sellers can provide. Nothing is overlooked in the selling process. Each Listing receives a customized Action Plan because every property is not in the same condition and every Seller has different needs.

Our Plans

Toronto Real Estate Realty offers many different Commission/Fee Plans for buying and selling real estate. Each service commission/fee plan offers a unique package of services. If anytime during the process, you would like to modify the Commission/Fee Plan, we are happy to change to plans that include services you may need. Every property has unique benefits and qualities so commission/fee plans can be custom designed for the best results. Looking after the Buyer/Seller’s best interests is always our main goal.

Customized Mere Posting Commission/Fee Plans and TRESA

To ensure that you get the highest value for your property while selling it yourself, it is imperative that you pay particularattention to the support you will need during this selling process. Every property in every neighbourhood is unique hence it needs a unique set of marketing techniques. Our services include monitoring neighbourhood trends, offering strategic advice, coordinating showings with potential buyers and Real Estate Agents. We also handle offers, and handling all paperwork. We offer customized support services. So let’s talk.