Money in  your pocket

Traditional Commission

Selling Price $ 700,000

Commission Charged  5.0%
2.5% Listing Side         $      17,500
2.5% Selling Side         $      17,500
H.S.T.                             $        4,550

Net Proceeds.* $ 660,450

Mere Posting - Option 1

Selling Price $ 700,000

No commission by Listing Brokerage
Listing Side – Basic Plan    $           600
2.5% Selling Side                   $      17,500
H.S.T.                                         $        2,353

Net Proceeds.* $ 679,547

Potential Savings $ 19,097

Savings may result from the above example. “The net amount” is the amount of the transaction without taking into account any lawyer fees, discharges of mortgages, and liens. Depending on the location, area market price, commission, and services, each property will be different. The above is simply an example of a property selling “firm” using the basic Mere Posting Plan. It is recommended that the Seller review the additional service options that are available to them. This outline is just for illustration purposes and does not represent any real transaction.