Mere Posting or  Private Selling - it’s the same

Privately selling a home is a considerable undertaking that requires considerable time, effort, and expertise. In the “mere posting” option, you will be in charge of setting the listing price, making sure the property is “sell-ready,” advertising, managing showings, reviewing offers, negotiating terms, and managing the paperwork, all by yourself and saving in the process.
The MLS System is by far the most effective system, which is why Mere-Posting is the best choice for FSBO and Mere Posting Sellers. MLS is an organized system that has been widely used for a long time.

Traditionally real estate commissions associated with most real estate transactions range from 5 to 6% of the selling price. These commissions are usually split evenly between the buyer and seller agents. Each agent is paid this commission for all the support and services they perform on behalf of the seller or buyer.

There is no doubt that most sellers are well-informed and savvy enough to handle most of these same real estate sales tasks (not task that need a Real Estate License to perform) that are involved in selling of homes. Hence Mere Postings works best for FSBO or Private Sellers.

Mere Posting is a combination of both the support of an MLS system through a Seller’s Agent/Brokerage and the Seller’s commitment to conduct the remainder of the selling process on his own while in the process paying lesser negotiated commission on the sale.

Mere Posting = MLS Listings for Maximum exposure.

In order to post your property on the Multiple Listing Service® database – more commonly called the MLS® database – you need the assistance of a real estate agent who has access to this database. The amount of involvement they have in the sale of your home is subject to your discretion.

Toronto Real Estate Realty’s Mere Postings offers sellers simple and effective plans at affordable prices. Every Plan includes posting your property for sale as MLS Listing on your Local Real Estate Board + the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board and on the website. Even in a Mere Posting situation, real estate agents still has a duty to ensure all information on MLS is accurate.

Direct all your questions about the home buying or selling process, to us. We know we can help you make informed decisions.

Keep in mind that real estate agreements are legally binding contracts.
We suggest you ask questions and discuss the sale of your home with us and your real estate lawyer.