Frequently asked Questions  (FAQ)

Our Mere Postings service allows sellers to post their property on the MLS without having to pay for all of the services that come with selling a property by a Real Estate Professional.
As in our Mere Posting Plans, the seller intends to perform all the non-licensed duties of selling the property on his own without a Real Estate Person.

All our basic Mere Posting services plans are where the realtor is only responsible for verifying the property measurements and ownership. All other factors, such as the property value or the listing price,can be set by the seller, however The Brokerage always creates a customized sales plans based on the Seller Clients requirements.

A. The MLS (multiple listing service) is a database of properties for sale maintained by cooperative real estate boards. The MLS connects homebuyers and sellers by allowing brokers to see each other’s listings. By consolidating and sharing information, the MLS facilitates real estate agents’ and brokers’ communication.

A. A real estate agent considers the MLS to be the most comprehensive source of properties for sale. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is used by realtors to both find and list properties for clients. Additionally, the MLS facilitates a sophisticated real estate system that facilitates the sale and leasing of both commercial and residential properties. It keeps historical data on past sales as well as current properties for sale.

A. Yes. Although there may be other Marketing systems out there, Toronto Regional Real Estate Board MLS System as well as are by far the most comprehensive effective system for the past 100 years.

A. There is no difference at all. The information contained in both types of Listings is pretty much the same. Both buyers and agents receive the same information. In MLS Mere postings, sellers’ contact information is included so that buyers can reach out to them.

A Mere Postings plans allow the seller to perform many of the selling services himself, hence the ‘flat fee’ selling plans are affordable for all sellers.

Prior to putting up any property for sale, we will need all the pertinent information about your property. We will then verify its accuracy before posting it on the MLS. The MLS System and will display it to buyers and other Realtors. Visitors can find detailed information about your property on the website and all TRREB-related websites including the Toronto Real Estate Realty website. Furthermore, depending on the option plan, these properties may also be advertised and promoted on social media.

A seller’s contact information is posted in the Broker-only remarks section of the MLS beside Toronto Real Estate Realty, along with instructions on how interested Buyers and Buyer Agents can contact the seller directly to arrange showings and negotiate commissions.

A. When a Mere Posting is uploaded to the MLS system of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, buyers and real estate agents will be able to contact the Seller directly. They will schedule all appointments directly with the seller to view the property, present offers, or answer any other inquiries.

A. There are several reasons why realtors call to schedule an appointment. The first is to ensure that they will be paid a Real Estate Commission to show your home to potential buyers, and if a successful offer is made, then the commission will be paid.

Secondly, some Realtors will want to inspect a property to see if it meets their Buyer’s needs, which leads to a discussion about commissions.

Finally, unethical realtors may call simply to entice you to use their full listing service.

A. Yes of course. The Listing Brokerage in this case is Toronto Real Estate Realty, while all other realtors are called Co-operating Brokers. In general, co-operating brokers receive commissions between 2.5% and 3% of the sale price – although this can be negotiated between the Seller and the co-operating broker. There are two types of commission: a percentage of the sale price or a fixed amount plus taxes.

A. In accordance with MLS rules, only the listing brokerage can make changes and updates to a listing. Any basic changes to the listing price or possession date must be made via a Listing Amendment.

It is the listing broker’s responsibility to ensure that all listing information is accurate. Therefore, the listing brokerage must ensure that the information posted is accurate. Sellers are always encouraged to disclose all relevant information that will be pertinent to any buyer interested in purchasing the property. Under all circumstances, the Sellers are liable for making true statements and disclosures.

A. It is easy and quick to purchase an alternative listing plan. Every upgrade plan comes with a revised price plan plus benefits applied immediately. Our flat fee full service marketing replaces commission plans.Q. When I receive an offer to buy my property, what should I do?

Any offer from a Co-operating Brokerage will most likely be on Board- approved forms. These must be reviewed for accuracy. Despite being able to handle the details yourself, it is advisable to seek legal assistance.
Toronto Real Estate Realty can help with all aspects of the process if your Mere Posting plan includes them. Please seek professional assistance before signing any documents.

As soon as the sale is finalized, the sellers must notify Toronto Real Estate Realty, the listing brokerage, about the details of the sale. Sales reporting is a key component of the MLS System.

It can begin at any time if you have enough funds to carry a second property while selling the first. It is advisable to wait until the first property has been sold firm before buying the next property if you intend to rely on the proceeds from the first sale. Syncing closing dates for both properties may be necessary.

In spite of your best efforts, there is no guarantee that the first home will be sold on time. Consequently caution should be exercised

Toronto Real Estate Realty offers unique and well priced options for sellers and has lucrative cash back plans for all buyers. Furthermore, it also has cash back plans for pre-construction new homes and condominiums.

For sellers of condos and properties still under construction, Toronto Real Estate Realty has discounted and Cash-back plans for Assignment Sales.

As well as offering cash-back plans on resale homes, we offer pre- construction condominiums and homes as well.