TRESA is the newer Real Estate Act which will be replacing REEBA. Under this New Act – there are simply 2 types of Agency and Representation any Brokerage can offer when representing a Buyer or Seller in any Real Estate Transaction – it is a Self-represented Party or as a Client

Self-Represented Party - Mere Posting

By being a Self-represented Party conducting a Mere Posting arrangement a seller can sell his own property on the MLS – but without any additional support from the Brokerage.

When the seller is a Self-represented Party, the Realtor can only add the property for sale on to the MLS – additionally the Realtor & his Brokerage has to ensure rightful ownership, measurements of the property as well as accuracy of data.

However, in the event the seller is interested in selling his own Mere Posting but with a choice of additional support features, then the seller becomes a Client. In this status, the seller receives additional obligations from the Brokerage.

Sellers can save a sizeable amount of the real estate commissions if the sellers
knowledgeable and comfortable about selling their your own home.